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Your Selfie Game Is Weak Compared To These Under Water Camera Hogs

While most people are taken 100 gym selfies a day, these scuba divers have brought new life to the selfie. Selfies can be very boring and something only an ego maniac does on the norm. Since the selfie stick has been created, it just gave more duck face options for most, along with a few more likes on Instagram. One area that has been tapped until now is deep sea selfies, but luckily we can finally cross that off our bucket list.

selfie 3

Hey what’s up Mr. Turtle?

selfie 4

don’t you hat when sharks photo bomb your selfies?

selfie 5

Octopus, hit the camera button would you?

selfie 1

This will get us some likes for sure.

selfie 2

Have you seen Nemo? He said he would meet me down here around this time.



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