Ways To Customize Your Kitchen While Organizing

We all love food, who doesn’t love food right? We spend a lot of time in our kitchens without even realizing some simple things we can do to make it more organized and easier to work around. A clustered kitchen is going to result in some not so great meals, while a clean, put together kitchen will result in a happier cook, which means a better meal. Check out a few of these simple tips below to make your kitchen the best that it can be.

1. With an old cookie sheet, you can create your weekly menu

custom kitchen 3

2. Use old containers for storage

custom kitchen 4

3. Label food in baskets, keeps things neat and easy to find.

custom kitchen 5

4. Purchase this beauty and never have to worry about the math side of cooking again

custom kitchen 7

5. Install a peg board to keep all your utensils organized

custom kitchen 8

6. Use old mason jar lids for fridge magnets

cutsom kitchen 2

7. Use lemon halves to create custom wash towels

custom kitchen 1

8. Use towel rod to hang pot lids

custom kitchen 6

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