This Special Bleeding Glacier Is A Rare Phenomenon In Nature, Makes Other Glaciers Boring

If you happen to be in Antarctica, you may get the chance to see a truly insane, and unsettling sight.¬† You won’t be able to miss it, it is a five-story waterfall that gushes from a fissure in the Taylor Glacier, spilling down the rocky sore and into Lake Bonney.

blood lacier 1

Pretty intense right? Looks as if the glacier lost in a knife fight. Named Blood Falls, this waterfall pours bright red water right out of the white glacier. While it does look like that scene in the Shining, it is not actual blood, but does share the same color. The liquid color is caused by iron though, which is also found in blood.

blood glacier 2

The falls were discovered by explorer Griffith Taylor in 1911, which is why it is named after him.

glacier 1

When the iron in the water hits the air, it oxidizes and rusts. This is why the water has a blood-red color, and why it continues to poor out of the glacier.

glacier 2

With research being done over the years, they have found that this super-salty and cold lake water is actually home to about 17 different types of microorganisms, which are living without light or oxygen.




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