Sweden’s Most Notorious Criminal, Imprisoned For Shocking Reason

Sture Bergwall, considered Sweden’s Hannibal Lecter, spent two decades in a psychiatric ward after being charged for eight murders and telling officers he had done over thirty. While the murder alone would land him beind bars for life, he also admitted to child rape, and eating most of his victims.

In 2014 Bergwall was set free from Swedish prison, because as it turns out, he never actually committed any of these murders. During his entire incarceration, he was lying about his crimes and a lot of people want to know why.

Thomas Murderer

Arrested in 1991 for armed robbery, Berwall began to craft his scheme to play the system. A long time drug addict, and out cast, Bergwall began to use the prisons library to do research on unsolved murder cases. He began to take created for the unsolved murder cases and even gave investigators graphic descriptions of how he committed the murders he didn’t even do. He did missĀ  few keys details for some of the murders, but was charged for 8 of them.

bergwall 1 berwall 2

After two years of medical benefits, one doctor began to lower Bergwalls prescriptions, and his mind began to become clear. In 2009 he filed for his appeal process and by 2014 he was released.

berwall 3

Now a free man Bergwall plans on writing about the whole experience.




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