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Mother and Internet, Helps To Make Son Feel Not Alone

An elementary school student from Devon, England, Roman Povey, always felt like an outsider. No friends at school and only receiving one invitation to a birthday party in seven years, the loneliness was crushing him. Roman has some behavioral challenges and admitted he was¬†dreading returning to school after Easter break.¬†He felt so alone, when his mother asked her young child if he wanted a birthday party, he replied “What’s the point?”.


Roman 1

His mother couldn’t bare this response, in desperation, she pleaded on the internet for Roman’s classmates to send a card or wish him happy birthday. She did this in hopes that her son could feel accepted for once.

While she intended to only reach a few of the students parents, the message went viral and soon Roman had more birthday cards then he could handle.

roman 2

While Roman and his mother were surprised by the birthday cards he was receiving from all over the world, the true surprise was when a birthday party including 55 of hi class mates greeting him with gifts and cards.

roman 3

Like most viral sensations, this one will pass and be forgotten almost as fast as it started. The one person who will never forget this outstanding gesture of kindness; Roman.


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