Meme Super Stars, Where are they now?

“Success Kid”

Meme 1

At the age of 3, Sammy Grimer became an internet meme celebrity with the popular photo to the left. Now , at the age of 8 years old, Sammy is using the popularity of the photo to raise money for his father. Sammys fathers kidneys are failing, but they have raised their goal of $75,000 to get hi father a kidney transplant.

“Charlie Bit My Finger”

Meme 2 Charlie

Still one of the most watched videos on the internet, Charlie Bit My Finger was a viral sensation. Now, Charlie and his brother Harry are hardly recognizable.

“Star Wars Kid”

meme 3 star wars

One of the first videos to ever go viral, the Star Wars Kid, was a video that caused a lot of mocking towards Ghyslain Raza. The mocking caused Raza to drop out of school, and also caused him some serious depression. He did file a lawsuit, which was settled out of court, and kept a low profile for many years. Now, he is back I the spotlight, speaking about cyber bullying.

“Grumpy Cat”

gumpy cat

The famous grumpy cat has been seen almost every where.  Her real name is Tardar Sauce and her frown is caused by an underbite, along with being born with dwarfism. The owner has racked in almost $100 million in licensing and got to quit her job thanks to this angry cat.

“Hot Convict”


When the picture of this handsome convict hit the web, ladies all across the world wanted to bail him out. He did land two modeling agent but that will have to wait, as for now he is spending  his time behind bars.



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