Man Swallows Expensive Necklace, Cops Do Something Insane To Get It Out

thief 1

If You do the crime, you need to pay the time, even if the only evidence you have of doing the crime is in your stomach. A jewel thief in India decided to swallow a pricey necklace he had stolen once police stopped him. When police couldn’t find the necklace 0on the thief, they knew there was only one option to where it was, seeing how they witnessed him put it in his mouth.

The cops were not stumped by this dumb move, as they decided to force feed the thief bananas until the hidden treasure was expelled from his bowels.

Indian Thief

While bananas are not laxatives, they do make a person poop a lot more. After his hefty loaf, police retrieved the necklace, that is going to be one hard necklace to sell.

thief 2

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