How Facebook Helped These Idiots Get Fired

Social media is a great outlet we have in our century but if used improperly it can turn into your biggest enemy. People need to realize that anyone can see what they post and if you’d like to keep your private life to yourself, don’t post about it every five minutes. It is a fact that employers now will research peoples Facebook account before hiring, to bad these people didn’t get the message.

1. Maybe talk to your boss first before posting

facebook 1

2. You can put your profile to private you know

facebook 2

3. I was late to work, that’s why I was speeding

facebook 3

4. I can’t get too baked, I have work tomorrow, or do I?

facebook 5

5. Duhhh

facebook 6

6. I knew they tasted better for some reason

facebook 7

7. Some people shouldn’t be aloud online

facebook 4

8. To be fair, these were the Dorito shells

facebook 8

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