Chihuahua With Bad Odds, Hits it Big With Breeder

tiny dog 1

Dog on wheels

This adorable Chihuahua named TurboRoo may only have two legs, but now thanks to its breeder has a second chance at mobility. While life may have been miserable for this pup, not having the legs to stand properly, fate has changed for this two legged friend.

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The original breeder left it on the streets, this is where veterinary doctor Ashley Loopebrougt stepped into plan and began caring for the dog, along with treatment.

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Ashley designed the wheels you see above and while the dog can easily stand on his back legs, even with the attachment, TurboRoo is still having trouble walking. He created the prototype in his home and while it does help, it may not be enough to help TurboRoo in the long run.

tiny dog 5

He raised a fund raiser campaign and it got the response that it should have, a tremendous response to be honest.

tiny dog 6

A San Diego-based design firm agreed to design a new set of wheel for TurboRoo, a more accommodating set of wheels.  Hopefully TurboRoo will be zipping around soon enough.

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