Almost A Day After Earth Quake, Baby Saved.

earthquake 1

Earthquake after earthquake ripped through Nepal on April 25, causing damage and loss of life in cities and towns all over Nepal. It has been estimated that 6,100 people were killed and it is believed that these earthquakes have been the most violent ones since 1934. While people are still being pulled from the rubble, one survivor in particular is a true miracle.

earthquake 2

Four-month-old Sonit Awal was pulled from the rubble, after his familys house collapsed from the disaster. Rscures did everything in thie power to save him but after 22 hours of searching, hope began to drop. That was until Awals father heard his son crying.

earthquake 3

The young child was taken to  local hospital and some how, suffered no injuries.

earthquake 5

A true miracle that the baby suffered no in juries what so ever with this huge earthquake. Perhaps some people are seeing this as a sign of hope, even though so much was lost. Defiantly something that will give you chills even if you are coldest person in the word.





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